Monday, 27 May 2013

It has begun

Standing Amélie
Amélie started standing by pulling herself up by the couch and baby rocker this past Friday - at 7 months old! She has stood up in her cot before, and did a kind of leaning stand on the baby rocker, but this was her first real stand all on her own.

I was out of the room at the time and got a huge surprise (and a little fright) when I returned to find her standing! Note how Amélie is pointing her toes in the photo, even while standing. It's been her favourite pose since she was born.

Standing is her new obsession now, and it's still a bit of a surprise to see her tiny head peeping up over the couch.

Any bets for when Amélie will start walking?

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Arnan's first week at school

Arnan's first day of school

We've started a new chapter in our lives - Arnan started school this week! His first day was on Monday (20/05/2013), and he was so excited. He'd been carrying his school backpack wherever we went and couldn't wait to put it on his back the three days that he went to school this week. He didn't even want to change out of his pajamas before getting his backpack on and heading for the door!

Arnan's loving school, the activities and play time. He's been especially excited about seeing his cousin, who is in his class. Apparently even his cousin has become louder now that Arnan is there. I foresee a few adventures and escapades shared between these two, I hope they won't get up to too much mischief together!

I have been carefully enforcing the concept that I will return at the end of school - "Mama is going to come back...". It's been so cute, and Mama's heart has melted every time, when I return to fetch Arnan he immediately pipes up, "Mama come back!". 

On Wednesday Arnan, now familiar with the dropping off modus operandi, started telling me "Mama seet" (Mama sit) on the short walk from the car to the indoor dropping off area. Once inside it became clear that he wanted me to sit on the couch, while he played, in an effort to keep me from leaving!

All in all Arnan's doing exceptionally well, considering the big change in his routine this has brought about, and I am such a proud Mama.