Thursday, 18 July 2013

#ChoosePinkorBlue: A morning to remember

On the 22nd of June I had the honour of attending the #ChoosePinkorBlue Huggies nappy launch with my sister, which I won invitations for through Melinda's blog. I was ecstatic about this win since I have been wanting to attend one of the Huggies functions ever since I learnt about them in Arnan's first year. If you haven't heard about the Huggies functions before, they are an awesome opportunity to find out more about the latest Huggies product innovations while mingling with and getting to know other moms, most of whom blog and have Twitter accounts. And they are invite only, which just adds to the allure.

The function was held at the Westcliff Hotel. What an amazing venue! This was my second time to eat at the hotel as I've had high tea there before. The views from the balcony were spectacular and the brunch was scrumptious. I especially enjoyed the salmon topped potato rosti. The meal was finished off with the yummiest mickey and mini mouse decorated cupcakes.

All the socialising and dining aside, we were there to find out about Huggies' latest product - the Huggies Gold for Boys and Girls nappies. Huggies have developed nappies specifically designed for the different absorption "hot spots" for boys and girls, providing extra absorption where it's needed. The campaign highlights the differences between boys and girls, and the nappy packaging is also colour differentiated - blue for boys and pink for girls, hence the hashtag #ChoosePinkorBlue. One thing I was surprised to find out about is that Huggies South Africa manufacture their nappies in Cape Town.

In addition to being spoilt with an insiders view of the marketing campaign and product information we were treated to a candid talk on raising children and the differences between boys and girls by comedienne Tumi Morake. There were times I laughed so much that I could not see beyond the tears - Tumi certainly has a way with words. I think I enjoyed her raw honesty and real-mom anecdotes the most.
And after all the spoils of the morning, feeling like a new person having had some "me time" away from my delightful but demanding kiddos, I was treated to a gift bag filled with goodies for my darlings and two packs of nappies - one for Arnan and one for Amelie. Wow! What an incredible experience and indulgent morning - THANK YOU Huggies and Melinda!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

You've got family in the online business

Who would've known? You've got an Uncle in the furniture business and an Aunty in the blogging business!

I was followed by Joshua Doore (@Joshua_Doore) on Twitter today. At first I was a little taken aback, expecting the usual boring schpiel. Their most recent tweet captured my attention, however, because I have been pondering on what to do to add some zing in our small home.

@Joshua_Doore: Need to transform your home but can't seem to get going? Be inspired, click here >>

So I clicked. What I discovered completely changed my perception of Joshua Doore. There are articles guiding one in choosing the correct mattress and other useful home tips, however what grabbed my attention were the recipes dotted inbetween. They look scrummy yummy and are posted by Mrs Doore, your Aunty in the blogging business. 

I'm going to subscribe to the feed for the site, just so I can keep an eye out for some home decorating tips and keep up to date with those recipes! Why don't you go check out their blog too?