Friday, 17 July 2009

helpful hints to beat the freeze

it's friday. it's july. it's freezing cold here in joburg! and i have been hectically busy, so much so that i haven't even been formulating any draft blog posts since my last post...

if you, like me, are trying to find ways to survive the winter chills you may enjoy and appreciate georgina guedes' article on "10 ways to beat the freeze" over at news24.

some of my favourite tips are:
  • earn a hot bath
  • warm your fingers, do a good deed
  • expand your mind
  • wear your woolies
but to be honest, they're all so good it's difficult to choose!

Saturday, 23 May 2009


it seems everyone is tightening their belts in some way or other these days. some companies find innovative ways of cutting down on expenses whilst keeping on their staff, others are forced to lay-off employees to survive...

i have been contracting / consulting my whole career. the risk has never really bothered me, i have always believed that God does and always will provide for me. and He always has. so, when i was faced with the opportunity to interview for a permanent position at the company that i had been consulting at since july 2008, in the beginning of the year i decided to see where it led. turns out it eventually led to me being offered a permanent position, who knew... since consulting jobs seem to be few and far between, i actually like working at the company, and it's in God's plan for me, i said "yes!" (after much internal debate, prayer, and discussions with friends and family). my first day as a permanent employee was 1 May, worker's day (a public holiday) ironically enough. to be honest though, nothing much has changed. i'm still working on the same project, the work pressures and stresses are the same, hours are longer than they should be now and again, but at least i don't have the added pressure of having to find another contract. and i really do enjoy my job.

a few eggs may have been sacrificed, but i believe that the benefits outweigh the shortcomings in the long run...

Friday, 30 January 2009

uninspired or simply realistic?

a question, or set of related questions, has been niggling at me for a while...

is there a point to blogging? what value does it add? who cares?

in the little spare time i have for the online world, and one of my favourite pastimes, i am debilitated by these questions.

i have so many ideas for blog articles and yet they get stuck in the execution. no pressure either... the average blogger is supposed to churn out at least one post a week. i'm just happy to think about being able to blog once a week, and then fall exhausted on the couch or bed to spend the rest of the evening in a vegetative state.

whatever it is i'm hoping it's not going to last long... in the meantime - what do you care about?