Thursday, 30 October 2008


i'm trying the whole moblogging thing in an effort to post more frequently than in the past year or so. the theory is that i'll find the time to blog whilst on the go. i did qualify it as a theory... ;)

Saturday, 18 October 2008

corporate value proposition

i found an interesting article on corporate value proposition whilst researching for work - how to write a strong value proposition.

this also ties into one's personal value proposition or, as some like to call it, your elevator speech. i have always struggled with this in describing what i do... even more so in trying to describe what it is i want to do / be. perhaps it's because i haven't completely figured it out yet. more likely is that it's not a traditional role and there isn't really anyone out there i could refer to for a frame of reference.

the closest i have ever come is to say that i want to be a chief happiness officer. but what is a chief happiness officer? how do i become one? it's the transitioning from what i do now to what i want to do that baffles and scares me slightly.

another blog that runs in the same vein is personality not included (if you can ignore the "shameless" promotion of the book of the same name).

a point to ponder in pondering the question "what am i doing with my life?"

Friday, 3 October 2008


it's a stunning day and i'm looking out onto a little bit of paradise. my first stint in hospital is not so bad at all. i'm here for a small procedure related to the recurring kidney infections i've had over the past few months. it all seems to have gone well. the anaesthesia was an interesting experience - one minute you're staring at the ceiling breathing in oxygen the next they're waking you up & telling you it's all over. there were some strange dreams of a boy in a garden inbetween. i'm happy not to be bed bound although walking around with a drip & other tubing is proving to be awkward, in all aspects. :) had a very "mr bean" moment this morning - managed to take my top off for bathing but when it came to getting it back on again i became so entangled with the drip cords i had to call in the nurse to assist.

small victories and things to remain amused by...

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

air head

i am smitten - i have come face to face with a macbook air. the styling is gorgeous. it's tiny and feather light.

however there are some things holding me back... no cd / dvd drive being one of them. no network port another. so i guess not.

engadget gives a good review.