Monday, 29 September 2008

windows live writer revisited

so it turned out i was being uber-silly... the proxy default was still activated on internet explorer (something i have to use for work), hence windows live writer was not able to connect to the internet....

uh... duh...

Thursday, 25 September 2008

well hello there stranger...

i love virgin money's marketing material. it's always innovative, fun, spunky, and well designed.

i received my new virgin card from them today - an order they automatically generated upon seeing that the expiry date was rapidly approaching. too bad they didn't check whether any of my details had changed. i now have a sparkly new card in my maiden name.


one is likely to receive some form of marketing material when receiving a package from virgin. i received a clever paper fortune cookie...

the message inside reads:
you will meet a good-looking stranger.
kinda apt considering i'm attending the 27dinner tonight (on the 25th it's just wrong...), where i met my good-looking and oh-so-handsome stranger over a year and a half ago at the very first 27dinner...

who knows what will happen next... things could only get stranger ;)

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

frustrated with windows live writer

argh! windows live writer won't set up any of my blogger blogs... and i don't know why. all i know is that it gives me the following in an error box:

An error occurred while trying to connect to your weblog:
Unable to connect to the remote server
You must correct this error before proceeding.

there is nothing wrong with the connection as far as i can see. i've searched the web, no similar error anywhere.

basically what has happened is i'm accessing windows live writer (wlw) via a new user account on my machine, so it's asking me to register all my blogs from scratch, as if it's a new installation. i thought there may be something wrong with the current installation, so i downloaded and installed the new 2008 version. still the same error...

whilst searching for help, i came upon this useful blog - whateverblog. - written by a guy on the wlw development team. there's also the wlw blog.

help, anyone?

Sunday, 14 September 2008

those hairy bikers...

ok well, perhaps the royal enfield doesn't evoke images of hairy bikers. not even really scary bikers. and that is probably a good thing. a good thing because on saturday i decided (it may not have been a very carefully calculated decision, more like a whim) to suggest to darling dearest that we go check out the new royal enfield shop in the leaping frog shopping centre in fourways. he's been giving the enfield the side-glance ever since he happened upon the shop in 44 stanley. and it's not a bad bike, as far as bikes go... especially on the appearance side, with it's classic old-style good looks.

but it's still a motorbike. and i can't say that i'm a big advocate of my one and only being involved with anything to do with something so dangerous. no matter how many benefits are listed.

as for the new store, it's cool in its simplicity. i liked the design elements, the play on colour between the store and the adjacent bulleteers bar. nice concept. i hope that they will get much attention and traffic in this little centre... as for joining the bulleteers, well we'll see...

Friday, 12 September 2008

of blogs and new bloggers

a colleague is "starting a blog". how is he starting his blog? by writing his articles up in a ms word document, printing them out, and circulating them around the office. his rationale is that he wants to start the blog up with a whole lot of articles behind its belt.

sure thing. i can understand that.

i can't understand the whole printing and circulating thing though.
  1. if you're not ready to subject the 'web to your articles yet (and keep in mind no one knows what your url is, so you're pretty much just shouting out to the void), then why oh why would you subject people who can't get away in time to them?
  2. printing? at least email it - you are looking to appeal to an e-savvy audience, no?
all in all though, some interesting thoughts have been produced, and will no-doubt arise to some interesting debate. now just to wait for the electronic version...