Friday, 28 June 2013

Amélie and the Five teeth

Doesn't that title lend itself to a story? Something like...

One day, today in fact, Mama (that's me) noticed that Amélie was cutting her fifth tooth, the left lateral incisor. She was rather surprised as Amélie had just cut her right lateral incisor the day before...

Anyway, enough of that...

Amélie and the five teeth

So now Amélie has five teeth! They are: both bottom central incisors, the top left central incisor, and the two bottom lateral incisors. It also looks like her top right central incisor is going to make an appearance soon... Perhaps tomorrow! :) The Boston Children's Hospital has a great image showing the names of the milk teeth along with when they appear.

I remember Arnan also teethed quite quickly, although I never made a note of it I think he had almost all his milk teeth before the age of 1.

Thankfully Amélie is a rather happy teether and is not grumpy for long. I did give her Nurofen today because the niggling teeth seemed to be keeping her from napping. I've also been rubbing Prodol on her gums just to try ease the discomfort. Other than gnawing on everything she can find I wouldn't really know that she was teething!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Thirty Five

Victoire and Amélie

Today is the last day I will be thirty four... Tomorrow I turn thirty five.

To be honest they all just seem like numbers to me. Except for the knowledge that I should surely feel old by now, I mean I'm half way between thirty and forty! 

I don't feel much older than I did a year ago though. Perhaps a little more tired, a little more worn around the edges. Parenting two babies under three years old can do that to one. Heck, parenting a two year old is pretty hairy as it is!

One thing I miss from "life before kids" is that special birthday feeling. The excitement and butterflies. Although I still love birthdays, I tend to get more excited about the children's birthdays than my own. 

This year Nico is away too, so there's extra parenting load and less being made a fuss of. Rah! 

It isn't all gloom though, in fact I haven't been able to feel sorry for myself at all. I'll be seeing my Mom for afternoon tea, and then my sister and I go out for cocktails and dinner together. So exciting! My sister and I haven't done anything like this in years and years. It's going to be a blast.

Alright... I think I'm ready... THIRTY FIVE here I come!