Wednesday, 5 November 2008

a lack of moblogging tools

oh would it, could it, be more difficult to blog "remotely"?! all i wish for is a simple tool to post a few thoughts from my htc tytn whilst on the go. this post is being typed into opera mini - at least it allows a web frontend to blogger, but no cutting or pasting. moblog has only published one of my posts so far, but otherwise gives me "an error has occurred". it even completely lost one of my posts, never to be seen again. cellspin & picoblogger i've downloaded but they require web setup with sites not designed for mobile use - what else was i going to do? wait till i was close to a computer so i could create an account from my pc so i can use my phone to blog? it makes no sense! oh i dream for the day when i can run windows live writer from my windows mobile 6 phone...

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