Friday, 17 July 2009

helpful hints to beat the freeze

it's friday. it's july. it's freezing cold here in joburg! and i have been hectically busy, so much so that i haven't even been formulating any draft blog posts since my last post...

if you, like me, are trying to find ways to survive the winter chills you may enjoy and appreciate georgina guedes' article on "10 ways to beat the freeze" over at news24.

some of my favourite tips are:
  • earn a hot bath
  • warm your fingers, do a good deed
  • expand your mind
  • wear your woolies
but to be honest, they're all so good it's difficult to choose!


MJ said...

Oh my its been 43 degrees celsius here......

victoire said...

@mj too true... it's been a very hot summer! wonder what one should do to beat the heat?