Sunday, 11 April 2010


would you believe that i have found something else to take up even more of my time? yes, that's right... i am studying again. that after i vowed never ever to do anything that smelt like studying when i completed my honours!
i have registered for an IT project management course through the university of johannesburg. i am hoping that this will assist me in my current role through providing a formal methodology to managing my rather informal initiatives. "initiative" is the name given to projects run outside of the project management way of working, managed and worked on solely by a business analyst or set of them. which means that i often perform the role of both project manager and business analyst on my proje... erm... initiatives.
project management is a life skill that may be applied in absolutely any situation, something i believe will never be outdated. that's my story and i'm sticking to it.
i do have times of doubt and regret. especially as i spend long weekends, public holidays, weekends, and all my spare time in front of my textbooks and case study homework. urgh. all i hold on to is that this will benefit me not only in the future but soon. very soon...

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