Saturday, 26 November 2011

i win!

i have been following tanya kovarsky's blog for a while now... at first because there was a competition i wanted to win and the conditions were that you subscribe to her blog via email. quite quickly, however, i was hooked - looking forward to reading the next letter to her young son.
well anyway, i've been entering the "wins" on her site regularly, and regularly am disappointed. i even vowed that i would no longer enter these competitions to avoid the disappointment! silly me... i couldn't help myself, though when tanya posted another competition, this time to win sunscreen. not just any sunscreen, but pure & protect kids, which is made with aqueous cream as a base. the competition was posted on arnan's 10 month "birthday", so i guess i felt a little more compelled to enter.
the winners were announced that sunday, and what would you know, i was one of the winners! i'm still waiting for my prize, but then again i haven't checked my postbox in a week or two. i can't wait to try out the new sunscreen on arnan (and myself)!

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