Saturday, 17 November 2012

a few of my favourite things

I've been invited to participate in this year's Blogger Secret Santa... Hooray! I love finding gifts, and sometimes making them, for people, so this should be loads of fun! Of course this also means that someone will be sending me a gift, and since most of us don't know each other it's been suggested that we make some sort of list of things we like.

Well, this is mine... but first a note to my dear Secret Santa. The list below is just an indication of some of the things I love... what I love most of all is creativity and receiving something with a personal touch from the person I receive it from. So if you are creative and are good at some craft or hobby & feel like expending the time on me, go ahead! Or if you want to use the list as a general guideline, do it! :)

  • Hearts - I have a growing collection of hearts of all shapes, sizes & materials... Particularly weathered metal or white-washed wood.
 Heart basket
  • Photo frames - We have a photo wall, which needs to be extended to include photos of our new baby girl. Although we have an eclectic collection of frames, they generally fit into the white-washed & weathered look...
  • Craft punch - I've been drooling over Martha Stewart's craft punches for a while now! I like to make my own cards to accompany gifts & a pretty craft punch would take my cards & labels to a new level of creativity ;) Of course it doesn't need to be Martha Stewart, I think speciality stationery or scrapbooking shops should stock various punches.
  • Stationery - I love all stationery, but what I need at the moment is a beautiful pen (well maybe I don't really need so much as want one!)... I do need a new file punch and I'm always open to receiving pretty paper or scrapbooking paper or even some interesting ink stamps...
  • - I've always been a Moleskine girl, but a writeable has been on my wishlist since they launched...
  • Bright nail varnish - bright nails are "in" at the moment & I'd like to try out a new colour... Maybe coral, which is in vogue at the moment? Not pink though, I have plenty of that! I'd prefer a make like Sally Hansen, but any good quality make will be great... NOT Essie though as I find it chips too easily.
  • Chocolate - I'm an exhausted mom to a newborn and 1 year old. If I could I would live on chocolate, but that would make it difficult to get my toddler to eat anything else! I am particularly fond of Cadbury's Mint Crisp or Lindt Red Lindor Balls
  • Pamper - I love Woolworth's Olive & Argan Oil Body Butter. On my to do list is trying out something from the Body Thrills range. Or if you have some pamper treatment you'd like to introduce me to that'd be great too - no bath salts or bubble bath please!
  • Flickr - My Flickr Pro account expired earlier this year, so I'm back to the limited free account, but another year's Pro account subscription is on my wishlist...
  • Reading - I love reading cookbooks, drooling over stunning food photographs. Oh yes, and cooking when I get a chance! I'd love a Bill Granger cookbook or a copy of (or subscription to) one of my favourite magazines - Woolworths Taste or Ideas. **EDIT** I should probably also add that I LOVE baking. So any baking utensils or biscuit recipes or baking ingredients are a winner for me!

I think I'll stop there! I thought it would be difficult to put a list together, but it seems it's difficult not to get carried away... I hope you have fun with your gift for me, Secret Santa!

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