Friday, 12 September 2008

of blogs and new bloggers

a colleague is "starting a blog". how is he starting his blog? by writing his articles up in a ms word document, printing them out, and circulating them around the office. his rationale is that he wants to start the blog up with a whole lot of articles behind its belt.

sure thing. i can understand that.

i can't understand the whole printing and circulating thing though.
  1. if you're not ready to subject the 'web to your articles yet (and keep in mind no one knows what your url is, so you're pretty much just shouting out to the void), then why oh why would you subject people who can't get away in time to them?
  2. printing? at least email it - you are looking to appeal to an e-savvy audience, no?
all in all though, some interesting thoughts have been produced, and will no-doubt arise to some interesting debate. now just to wait for the electronic version...

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