Tuesday, 16 September 2008

frustrated with windows live writer

argh! windows live writer won't set up any of my blogger blogs... and i don't know why. all i know is that it gives me the following in an error box:

An error occurred while trying to connect to your weblog:
Unable to connect to the remote server
You must correct this error before proceeding.

there is nothing wrong with the connection as far as i can see. i've searched the web, no similar error anywhere.

basically what has happened is i'm accessing windows live writer (wlw) via a new user account on my machine, so it's asking me to register all my blogs from scratch, as if it's a new installation. i thought there may be something wrong with the current installation, so i downloaded and installed the new 2008 version. still the same error...

whilst searching for help, i came upon this useful blog - whateverblog. - written by a guy on the wlw development team. there's also the wlw blog.

help, anyone?

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