Friday, 3 October 2008


it's a stunning day and i'm looking out onto a little bit of paradise. my first stint in hospital is not so bad at all. i'm here for a small procedure related to the recurring kidney infections i've had over the past few months. it all seems to have gone well. the anaesthesia was an interesting experience - one minute you're staring at the ceiling breathing in oxygen the next they're waking you up & telling you it's all over. there were some strange dreams of a boy in a garden inbetween. i'm happy not to be bed bound although walking around with a drip & other tubing is proving to be awkward, in all aspects. :) had a very "mr bean" moment this morning - managed to take my top off for bathing but when it came to getting it back on again i became so entangled with the drip cords i had to call in the nurse to assist.

small victories and things to remain amused by...

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